The Mooring: creating the perfect fit

The onset of dementia strikes at the very core of an individual’s sense of self. As memory progressively fades, the familiar takes on ever increasing importance, providing a sense of security in a world where certainty and confidence is supplanted by growing confusion. As cognitive decline advances, new settings, varied routines and unfamiliar faces only exacerbate that sense of insecurity.

At every level, and in every possible way, The Mooring is designed to minimize the confusion and anxiety that often accompanies cognitive decline. It’s an effort that’s evident from the moment you first experience the familiarity of our setting, and it’s reinforced over time as we work to maintain familiar connections to community, to family, and to the activities that filled – and fulfilled – each housemate’s life before coming to us. At The Mooring, we focus our efforts on maintaining a sense of intimacy, security and continuity through:

A warm, familiar, home-scaled setting

The Mooring’s scale is among its most prominent distinguishing features. In many traditional care facilities, population has long been linked to economics: more residents yield higher revenues and greater operational cost efficiencies. The Mooring stands in clear contrast to that inclination, with scale designed to prioritize wellbeing and peace of mind.

Our housemate limit – twelve – plays an important role in distinguishing The Mooring experience. It’s a number that achieves a careful balance, with equal opportunity for social engagement and quiet reflection. As with a home environment, both are important to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and our population allows housemates to satisfy the full spectrum of community engagement – at their discretion. The number also allows our care partners to establish close, meaningful connections. That ability to connect is a key differentiator, providing housemates with meaningful, reliable relationships that enhance the sense of familiarity and dispel anxiety. For our housemates, The Mooring is home.

From a design standpoint, The Mooring evokes a sense of the familiar, from the individual  – and individually appointed – bedroom suites to the warm, welcoming kitchen, dining, living and activity areas. And while the surroundings may not be entirely familiar at first, their scale and décor feel comfortably residential, eschewing any clinical or institutional cues. As a result, housemates are able to acclimate more quickly, taking comfort in an aesthetic that’s welcoming, familiar and consistent.

Innovative, individualized programming

When developing programming for The Mooring, we focus on the individual. At the outset of each housemate’s stay, we perform baseline cognitive testing to assess both strengths and challenges. Then, we utilize that vital information to create personalized therapies that leverage cognitive strengths, while working to compensate for demonstrated deficiencies.

Our individualized approach to programming demonstrates our commitment to each housemate’s needs. While we also plan regular group activities, our focused attention helps each Mooring housemate to feel valued, recognized and welcomed. And the importance of our initial and ongoing cognitive assessments is easy to see, as housemates are able to preserve their sense of self despite the progressive nature of their conditions.

Disciplined hiring and staff retention

While the physical space and programming at The Mooring are vital to the level of comfort and familiarity our housemates feel, nothing is more important than the day-to-day efforts and interactions of our staff. At The Mooring, we recruit and hire with exceptional care, seeking only candidates with the experience, skills and empathy necessary to engage residents personally and professionally.

After going to the effort to hire the right people, we then take care to keep them on staff. This effort is among our most important, because relationship continuity provides our housemates with a sense of comfort and place. The warmth of familiar faces also provides family and friends of our housemates with the opportunity to develop relationships – and to ensure that loved ones are in good hands.