Memory care innovation that feels like home

Situated in a quiet forest glade, the first impression of The Mooring is comforting: it looks and feels like a meticulously maintained farmhouse. The impression is sustained as you enter the front door and make your way to the warm, welcoming interior, where you’re immediately greeted by an abundance of natural light filtering in through the bank of windows separating the kitchen, dining and living areas from the secure backyard.

Over time, as we’ve learned more about the unique needs of those diagnosed with dementia, the importance of environment has become increasingly clear. As cognitive function declines, routine and familiarity serve as touchstones that provide orientation and a sense of security – and few inputs are more powerful than an individual’s residential setting.

Based on that knowledge, and on firsthand experience with a variety of residential settings, The Mooring was designed to replicate the scale, atmosphere and warmth of a traditional home, inside and out.

Interior: welcome home

The Mooring was designed by Gawron Turgeon, an internationally recognized architectural firm with a long history of innovation in the creation of thoughtful, human-centric residential care facilities. Gawron Turgeon worked closely with The Mooring’s development team, and translated both tangible and intangible objectives into a warm, welcoming, effective and efficient care setting.

Built for a maximum capacity of twelve individuals, The Mooring’s floor plan is arranged around its shared living areas – much like a traditional residence. Individual living spaces feature a private bathroom and bedroom area furnished with the housemate’s own personal effects, including the bedroom set, art, personal photographs and other mementos that make the space feel like home. Each room features three large windows with clear views of the surrounding woods and wildlife, which brighten the space and enhance the sense of calm familiarity.

Each of the twelve residential suites opens onto shared living space, including the open kitchen and dining room, lounge areas and the activity room. These community spaces provide the opportunity to socialize, work on a group or individual project, take a meal or to simply relax and enjoy the view through the walls of windows bordering the porch, patio and gardens just outside.

In addition to our shared living spaces, The Mooring also has a designated day spa, where housemates can enjoy beauty treatments, whether for special events or as part of a welcome routine. Our laundry area, situated just behind the kitchen, lends to The Mooring’s familiar atmosphere, while also affording us the flexibility to address each housemate’s everyday needs.

Exterior: natural beauty

Few areas of The Mooring are more appreciated than our secure backyard. As weather permits, housemates, often accompanied by family members and friends, are free to stroll, work in our raised garden beds or enjoy a relaxing break in the spring, summer or fall sun. And while we’re more likely to fire up the grill during the warmer months of the year, the appetite for barbecue is alive and well all year ‘round.

The setting for The Mooring was deliberate. Our vision always acknowledged the importance of nature in the lives of our housemates, and the spacious backyard was always considered an essential element. Beyond the garden, views extend into the forest, where seasons are marked by foliage, and wildlife is active all year long. And despite the impact of progressive dementia, housemates identify with our natural surroundings, finding familiarity, serenity and security in vistas that continually change – while somehow remaining universal.