Personalized programming with a focus on passion, family and wellbeing

Individualized Programming

Each housemate at The Mooring is an individual, with a unique personality and distinct passions formed over a lifetime of experience. Despite its varied impacts, dementia doesn’t diminish those distinguishing characteristics, and we seek every opportunity to acknowledge and support the interests of each Mooring housemate. In most cases, our efforts are as fulfilling to our care partners as they are to our housemates, as these examples illustrate:

  • The author. When one of our housemates arrived, we learned that he was in the process of finalizing a book transcript. Our care partners helped to submit the transcript, which was then accepted for publication. We purchased several copies of the book and organized a signing/cocktail party on-site, where family, friends and housemates gathered to celebrate our distinguished author.
  • The coach. A lifelong athlete and coach, this housemate’s passion for athletics was profoundly defining. He was invited to attend a nearby age group soccer tournament, after which he had the opportunity to meet the team. He blossomed in the familiar environment, and provided in-depth feedback for each player. As his condition progressed, the coach was increasingly confined to bed rest. Against all expectations, he rallied to attend a scheduled age group hockey game – and passed away peacefully two days later, still thriving on the passion that enriched his entire life.
  • The life partner. A long-married housemate was concerned: his wife’s birthday was approaching, and he was afraid he’d be unable to purchase a gift and card. A dedicated Mooring care partner heard his concerns and embraced the opportunity to ease his anxiety. They arranged for a shopping trip during her off hours, secured and wrapped the perfect gift, and authored a card that allowed him to continue his important tradition.

Community Programming

In addition to individualized life enrichment opportunities, The Mooring also offers a wide variety of more universal programming. The list is long, evolving and ever growing, but includes opportunities for housemates to create, socialize, refresh and simply enjoy activities that promote healthy, happy, fulfilling everyday living. Some of the options include:

  • Exercise. Offered in both group and individual settings, exercise is a vital outlet for housemates that offers a range of emotional, physical and mental health benefits.
  • Domestic pursuits. Household “chores” take on new significance in a memory care setting for their tendency to normalize everyday life. From cooking and baking to gardening and daily beauty routines, we provide regular opportunities for housemates to participate in the simplest aspects of everyday life.
  • Hobbies. Whether an enduring pastime or a new pursuit, our care partners engage housemates in a range of interests. These interactive sessions are often highly social, with housemates and care partners engaging in conversation, and sharing tips and discoveries.
  • Movie nights. Evenings often wind down at The Mooring with a screening of a favorite movie, providing a familiar transition from an active day to a restful sleep.

Family Integration

In addition to life enhancing programs tailored to our housemates, we’re also mindful of the benefits of keeping family closely involved. Our First Mates program is designed to provide dementia care training to the family members and friends of housemates, encouraging deeper involvement between those loved ones and the community – while providing a clearer understanding of the balance between maintaining a sense of the “normal” and providing professional care to serve the unique needs of a residential memory care population

Therapeutic Support

The Mooring also provides onsite access to condition-specific therapies designed to enhance each housemate’s health and wellbeing. From traditional memory, occupational and physical therapy to emerging treatments for a range of conditions, sessions with our staff and trusted professional partners are routinely available.