Care Partners: the family we choose

In an industry where skilled, experienced care partners are in high demand, staff retention is a vital and ongoing consideration. At The Mooring, our standards are especially high, due in part to our commitment to the concept of universal caregiving. Under this concept, each care partner is responsible for all aspects of housemate care, regardless of job title. As universal caregivers, our care partners are prepared to fulfill any Mooring role on an as-needed basis, elevating their sense of responsibility for each housemate’s care.

In return for our elevated expectations, we embrace each care partner as a vital member of The Mooring community. Just as we work to identify the individual passions of our housemates, we seek opportunities to enhance the lives of our care partners. That support can take nearly any form, and often does. Whether we’re providing guidance and support for a first-time parent, academic support for the pursuit of an advanced degree or credential, or an opportunity for a multi-talented staff member who loves to ply her cosmetology skills on behalf of our housemates, we welcome the opportunity to fuel their passions.

Our care model also appeals to care partners dedicated to a higher level of service. With relationships approaching those of extended family members, we encourage close relationships between care partners and housemates. The benefits of these relationships flow in both directions. For care partners, work at The Mooring is both challenging and deeply fulfilling. And for housemates, long-term care partners provide continuity and stability at a time when familiarity reduces anxiety, and greatly enhances quality of life.